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Placefirst invites you to provide feedback on the emerging development proposals on the former Union Mill and Lower Horseley Fields site, Wolverhampton.  The site comprises the southern section of the Canalside Quarter regeneration area, to the south of the Birmingham Canal and north of Horseley Fields/Lower Horseley Fields.

The redevelopment of Union Mill and Lower Horseley Fields will create an exciting urban community of 370 new homes including a new footpath network opening-up with canal, landscaping and enhanced public realm. 


The regeneration of the site, which currently comprises dilapidated warehouses and a waste treatment facility, will contribute to the Council’s wider redevelopment goals of the city’s Canalside Quarter, whilst enhancing the existing heritage assets and supporting its aims of reducing carbon emissions by creating strong pedestrian access links to the transport Interchange.


Placefirst is an award-winning Build-to-Rent and regeneration specialist with a growing number of neighbourhoods throughout the UK.  The aim is to provide for those who are reliant on the private rented sector to meet their housing needs with long-term rental agreements and shared ownership options.  By providing high quality well-managed housing with a focus on placemaking and urban regeneration, Placefirst has emerged as a market leader in the sector.

Recent awards include:

  • Residential Innovator of the Year 2019 Estates Gazette

  • UK’s Best Residential Project (Welsh Streets, Liverpool) RICS 2019

  • British Home Awards 2019: Judges Award for Excellence (The Green, Hartlepool)

More details on Placefirst are available at placefirst.co.uk



Placefirst is preparing a planning application for the restoration and redevelopment of the Union Mill site. The new city centre, canalside neighbourhood will provide 370 new homes through a combined approach of restoring existing buildings and the provision of sensitively designed new build development. A landscape-led pedestrian friendly development will create an attractive new neighbourhood for residents and locals to enjoy.

The land to the north west of the site currently comprises nine warehouse buildings, some of which are associated with the former Union Mill. It is proposed that five of these are retained, restored and renovated. Four of the modern warehouses will be replaced with two smaller new build developments creating more public and private open space, and a new pedestrian access and courtyard between the canal towpath, Union Mill and the Lower Horseley Fields site. In total, there will be four new build elements within this area of the site. In keeping with its current scale, the buildings in this area will be 2-3 storeys.

A mixture of dwelling types will be introduced, with the proposed townhouses having designated private gardens.

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