Purpose statement




            MADDOX AND ASSOCIATES LIMITED understands that a sense of purpose is increasingly recognised as essential for business success. Our main purpose is to provide trusted and tailored advice in contributing to the achievement of sustainable development and in doing so we want to maximise positive customer experience; use and advance information technology for the betterment of our profession; develop our own skills and professional satisfaction; and inspire young people to make our profession more accessible to a diverse future talent pool. 


1.Maximising positive customer experience

We undertake to review regularly our processes to eliminate or reduce every point of friction in customer experience. Our purpose is to maximise positive customer experience whilst maintaining quality standards. To date, we have done this by:

a) reducing administration or delays for customers in any dealings with us as a result of our own processes;

b) making contact with us as accessible as possible;

c) allocating two or more staff to each project to reduce any disruptions in service delivery;

d) seeking brevity and clarity in communications.

2.Improving productivity

We undertake to invest in and be leaders of information technology for the betterment of our profession. To date, we have done this by:

a) investing in and supporting product studios (LandEnhance and The Future Fox) in information technology that are applied directly to our own workflows through our online database.

3.Enhancing skills development

We undertake to develop and support our own skills and professional development. To date, we have done this by:

a) operating a project lifecycle model in the delivery of our work;

b) carrying out quarterly staff reviews based on professional development plans; written job descriptions and transparent competency requirements;

c) providing sufficient funding for staff to undertake continuing professional development.

4.Making our profession more accessible

We undertake to inspire young people in town planning and to make our profession more accessible to this future diverse talent pool. To date, we have done this by:

a) volunteering at a local business and education partnership (Inspire) and providing work experience opportunities to improve young people's access to the world of work, raise achievement levels and enhance their future career prospects and lives.


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